Biden Gets Fund-Raising Help for 2020 Election From Big Democratic Donors

Mr. Trump has previously leaned heavily on major donors to bankroll his run, tapping many of the mainstays of the Republican money circuit months ago. But in the spring, as the coronavirus pandemic shut down traditional fund-raisers, he relied mostly on online contributions, with $167.6 million of his donations — more than 62 percent — coming via the Republicans’ main online processing site, WinRed, new records show.

Mr. Trump still had some major contributors, raising $27 million via his joint committee with the Republican National Committee that can accept outsize checks. But that was a fraction of the sum that Mr. Biden raised from larger contributors.

Among Mr. Trump’s bigger contributors were Isaac Perlmutter, the former chief executive of Marvel Entertainment, who has been a presence at Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago club, and Bernard Marcus, the billionaire co-founder of Home Depot, who recently dined with Mr. Trump at the White House.

Some super PACs also made financial disclosures on Wednesday.

The Democratic group American Bridge, which has been running anti-Trump ads in some key battleground states, raised more than $15 million, led by top contributors including Phillip T. Ragon ($1.25 million), the founder of a software company; Deborah Simon ($1 million), a shopping mall heiress; S. Daniel Abraham ($1 million), the retired founder of Slim-Fast; Kenneth Duda ($1 million), a software engineer; and Henry and Marsha Laufer ($1.25 million), major party fund-raisers in Florida.

The group also received money via nonprofit groups that do not disclose their donors — so-called dark money — including a portion of a $5.7 million donation from a group called the Sixteen Thirty Fund and millions more from its own affiliated nonprofit.

Stephen F. Mandel Jr., the hedge fund manager who founded Lone Pine Capital, emerged as one of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors in recent months. He contributed $1.5 million to the American Bridge super PAC in May and another $1 million to the Lincoln Project, a Republican-run anti-Trump super PAC, in June.

The Lincoln Project raised nearly $17 million in the second quarter, with donations from some of the Democratic Party’s biggest donors. It has earned a reputation as an irritant to Mr. Trump, running ads during some of the famously voracious television consumer’s favorite shows.

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