Opinion | A Georgia Parent’s Plea: Stop the Shaming

To the Editor:

Re “Back to School in Georgia: 1,193 Are Quarantined” (front page, Aug. 13):

I write as a parent of two students in the Cherokee County, Georgia, school system. Our county and entire state are under a microscope right now as we are the first to go back to school. As I write this, we have two high schools closed because of exposure to Covid-19, and other schools with students and staff in quarantine.

My husband and I did not take this decision lightly about whether to send our children back to school or have them learn remotely. We talked about it for weeks on end and I lost many nights of sleep over it. I chose face-to-face learning as I know that my children will thrive academically and socially in this environment.

Today is Day 8 and my kids are indeed thriving. I drive them to and from school each day. Every time I am there I see smiles beneath the masked teachers’ faces, and every single child who walks out of that school is wearing a colorful mask. As parents, we know closing down may be inevitable, but my goodness, let’s show each other some grace and unity and move forward in this situation together, instead of judging and shaming one another.

Our board of education had an impossible task. Its members had to make these decisions during unprecedented times in our history. This story is far from over as other schools begin to open across our state and the entire United States.

Alexis Buchholz
Woodstock, Ga.

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