K-12 Teachers: How Are You Handling Remote Learning?

The coronavirus has required hundreds of thousands of teachers in the United States to quickly learn new online teaching tools and skills. Many public schools have come to rely on video in particular to deliver remote instruction to students.

Now some educators for the first time are creating and posting short video lessons for their students, while others are employing live videoconferencing platforms for group lessons. The New York Times wants to hear about your experiences and see your videos.

If you are a K-12 educator, how have you adapted your classroom practices to teach and engage students remotely via video?

We’re also interested in learning about your biggest challenges in teaching via video. Are you seeing barriers to remote online learning, such as a lack of computers or access to high-speed internet services, among students?

Please share your experiences and video lessons using the form below. You may hear from a Times reporter or editor interested in learning more about your story. We won’t publish any part of your submission without contacting you first.

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